Spirit House in a Thai School in Thailand

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Spirit Houses can be found in nearly every home, school and business
premises in Thailand. They look like minature tempes or elegant
birdhouses as some people have described them. They come in different
shapes and sizes though all of them are on a raised platform.
The spirit house is for the chao tee or guardian spirit
of the land. Thai people believe that by keeping the chao
happy with a comfortable home and daily offerings of
food and drink that their lives will be more safe and successful.
As the teachers and students arrive early in the morning, you
will see many of them raising their hands in a wai as a form
of respect to the chao tee. Some of them might offer food or
a flower garland if they are looking for luck to pass an exam
or win an important football match. They usually promise a special
gift if their wish is granted.

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