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Buddhism is not only an important part of Thai culture but also school life. Out of 1700 students, about 98% are Buddhists. During morning assembly, the students take part in some chanting facing the Buddha shrine. Then, one hour per week they have Religious Education. A variety of subjects can be taught under this heading. Apart from the story of the life of the Buddha and some essential ideas from some famous Buddhist texts, religious teaching also includes lessons about ethics, morality, and proper behaviour, including etiquette. Also once a week, on Friday afternoons, the whole school takes part in Buddhist chanting for about 20 minutes. Most of the students don't know the meaning of the words chanted as they are in the ancient language of Pali. But over time they become familiar to them. During the year, there are a number of religious festivals which the students take part in. Monks are also invited to the school to give moral instruction to the students.



Makha Puja Day 21st February Celebrates the Buddha's sermon to 1200 disciples
Tamboon April Merit making ceremony
Wisakha Day 17th May The holiest of Buddhist holidays
Ashana Puja Day 16th July The start of the Buddhist Lent

There are other ceremonies at school that involve paying respects to Buddha images and also inviting monks. These include: Wai Kru and Songkran Festival.

Sometimes, a student from our school is absent for a few days and comes back with his hair and eyebrows shaved. This is usually because a relation had died and the student became a novice monk during the funeral.

For more information about Buddhism in Thailand, please visit our Project Thailand website. Please note, all Buddhist festivals are fixed by the full moon and so change from year to year.

Further information: "Monks and Magic" by B.J. Terwiel and published by White Lotus.

Buddhism at School | Ashana Puja Day | Makha Puja Day | Wisakha Day | Tamboon